Sonic the hedgehog
Gender Male






Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose


Doctor Eggman

Powers and abilities

Supersonic speed
Enhanced agility
Enhanced durability
Ball transformation
Enhanced strength

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Voiced by

Roger Craig Smith

Sonic the Hedgehog or just Sonic is the main protagonist of the series Sonic Boom.

Concept and CreationEdit

During the development for Sonic's redesign, the developers went through a long process where they experimented with different accessories before they decided to stick with the "Scarf Sonic" design. They settle with giving Sonic a neckerchief because it played homage to the classic adventure theme and served as an action advqenture trope which fit with Sonic's role as an action adventure character, and also emphasized his "get-up and get-go" attitude and his love for adventure.

The sports tape Sonic wears is inspired by fighters and American football players and is meant to give him a sense of practical heroism by showing that that he is not vain, which is a trait more fitting for villains, when saving the world, and to give him a more grounded approach.



Retaining most of his appearance from his main series video game counterpart, Sonic has blue fur all around his body, with minor exceptions such as his chest and muzzle. He sports a brown scarf and has sports tape on his hands, parts of his arms, and around his feet. Unlike his previous incarnations, his arms are also covered in blue fur. He has some cowlick-like spikes that stick out from his quills and his shoes are kept locked on by straps of linen lined on his legs. Sonic also appears to be much slimmer than his video game counterpart, making him tall and lanky.


Sonic is noted for having a passion for adventure. He is full of self-confidence, cocky, quick-witted, and takes challenges and his opponents light-hearted. He also has a lot of attitude, showing a lot of sarcasm and sassiness, and a narcissistic tongue. However, when the situation calls for it or his friends are in trouble, Sonic can be serious and will immediately rush to their aid. Write the second section of your page here.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sonic's most notable skill is his ability to move at super speed, allowing him to run at speeds greater than Mach 1. Though his exact top speed is unknown, he can move fast enough to create a sonic boom without effort.

In line with his speed, Sonic has significant acrobatic skills and agility, sufficient enough to perform perfect synchronized mid-air movements. He also has extremely quick reflexes, being able to react instantly to avoid dangers, and has enhanced jumping skills, allowing him to jump very high into the air.


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